Self Mastery Radio

Our philosophy is




I'm Robbie Cornelius, the founder of Self Mastery Radio. 

Self Mastery Radio started in 2012 with a podcast designed to help people become better version of themselves.

I have love for all people, but this brand is only for people that want to build mental, emotional and financial strength.

If you want to blame and complain, Self Mastery is not for you!

Self Mastery Radio inspires you to master yourself. 

Mastering Yourself means to control your own life. Own your mind, own your emotions, and own your personal reality.

I love America!

As a kid that grew up in an abusive household, the only thing that gave me hope was an unwavering belief in the American dream.

This is why you see the American flag in our brand.

Despite my upbringing, I continued to believe that anything was possible for me. 

I believe that having a dream is the key to having a life worth living. 

Although I believe in unity, Self-reliance and independence is very important me. 

Being a proud patriot and loving people doesn’t mean you have to forfeit your ability to think for yourself.

Instead of trying to follow the exact path of someone else, SMR encourages you to discover your own unique path.

SMR inspires free thought, entrepreneurship and daily motivation.

So if you are a proud independent thinker that believes in the American dream, SMR is for you.


Robbie Cornelius